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29 November 2007


Belinda Venables

Wow Kerrin.
I haven't come to have a peek at your blog since your last post and now I come to see baby news! Congratulations! :)

kelly purkey



Félicitations! I made the Paper and Co with you (Un sou pour tes pensées) and I just wanted to know: Have you still haven't say it to your mother?!!! Take care
So (from France)

Rach Richter

You are offically my hero!! :)
Many Congratulations to you all - can't wait to hear about your new arrival.

Rach xx


One more time !!!!!! my god...
Congratulations !

jodii geddes

wonder where you had been Kerrin.
Wow congratulations to you and Mik and the whole family. I struggle with 1 i don't know how you cope with 6 soon to be seven.

Once again congrats to you all.


Congratulations :) I read your blog from time to time, love your work K.


Oh WOW congratulations - I stuggle with the 3 esp now we have one who is a know it all teenager. I am so happy for you


Alison Shearer

Congratulations K and Mik - wow I am so happy for you!

Alison XXX

Shirley Fyfe

Congratulations! That is such wonderful news!


Yuppy!!! congratulations Kerrin!!! We will see this little prince on the Paper & CO Italy??? Relax, relax and RELAX!!


Hello Kerrin,

I'm happy for you, seven kids there is a very beautiful family !!!
see you next year in France ?

Gaëlle (France)

Sue Tonga

Congratulations K!!


Congrat Kerrin, hope you are feeling good and healthy, all teh best


How excitement! Congratulations. SEVEN kids??!! You are amazing.

Kylie Tout

Wowee congrats to you and your family :0)


WOW! Congrats.


oh kerrin....what totally awesome, amazing and blessed news for you, mik and your family.
take care, get lots of rest (when possible) and i pray for a trouble-free pregnancy for you.
now i i will have this sill grin on my face - just so happy for you xxoo

Manda Lawrence

K, that is just wonderful. Will you need to get another cat now to balance everything out? ;)

Congratulations to you all.


Congratulations K - take care of yourself :)

Sally M

FINALLY!!! Do you know how hard it's been keeping this secret!

Congrats K and Mik!

Michelle Sultana

What wonderful news congratulations to you all.

Marie Noske

omg, what a surprise!!!! Congratulations, Kerrin and Mick!!!!! Wowee, and you thought your household was already full!! omg, you are an amazing woman......I sometimes just barely cope with my two. I'll keep you all in my prayers. How exciting!!!!

Megs and Alex

Congrats, as always!!


Congratulations Kerrin !!
What's a marvellous news..
Look carefully after you..

Eve ;) ( from France )

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