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20 October 2007


Teresa aka Tess

Awesome pics, thanks for showing me a part of the worl;d I will never see. Absolutely gorgeous.....


Well written article.


Hello ! I wasn't there ( PACS) this year ...I regret the wonderful works I do with you in 06...
your photography are great ! what camera do you have and what objective ??


Tes photos sont magnifiques... j'ai h√Ęte de voir se que tu en feras dans ton scrap. Bisous.


Versailles is a real beautifull city.. isn't it ?
I regret so much that you came if near me, in France and that I couldn't even come to see you ..
Next year, I hope. Kisses
Eve ;)


Hey there K,
Love your photos. Stunning!! And I hear you on the amount, I took 2600 photos while away. And I have only sifted thru the first 1000. Eek!
Glad you had a blast.

Rebbecca Fanning

Wonderful photography!!

Shirley Fyfe

Stunning photos K! In know way could these be considered boring K - they are a wonderful insight into your trip and another part of the world! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Manda Lawrence

little things like lego pieces in the middle of night wee walk. ow. grr.

Manda Lawrence

K, I just love your perspective when looking at your photographs. Very refreshing. And taking photographs of the detail in structures is a very normal thing to do. People should take more time to appreciate the detail in so much around us. Aren't we lucky to have children to help us appreciate the miracle of little things? manda


not boring me kerrin - adoring it. these are the photos i wish i'd taken sometime in the decade i spent there...! thank you for sharing them.


awesome photos K
i'm always taking doorways and buildings - i am facinated by them myself

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