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19 October 2007



your pictures are STUNNING!!!!
i love all your pics of versaille they are beautiful...it is such a pretty place to visit isn't it :D
also...i have to say...you picture of the carousel is one of my favourite pictures of all time!!!!...seriously...i adore it, its beyond beautiful!!!!



I was just so happy to see you again in Versailles! Think you really are a fantastic scrapper, girl and woman! I enjoyed this funny felt flower class with you and I will finish my page one day (I will let you know!). Enjoy your pregnancy and take care of yourself! Hope to see you again, here or there...
Cathy from France


Bonjour K !!
Welcome back home ! and i totally enjoy those oh sooo beautiful shots of your trip ! looks like you definitely had such a great time !!
Can't wait to hear some more and see more of your beautiful work !! :)


so glad you had such a lovely trip once again in my home country...
hugs and kisses

Kelly B

Welcome home,
Your journey looks and sounds FANTASTIC.I look forward to hearing and seeing more.

Manda Lawrence

Welcome home K. It sounds even more marvellous than the last trip. Even better because you could share it with Mik and now you can reminisce together. I'm almost jealous, except I know you see each other even less than I see my sweetie.

Can't pick a favourite pic (can't pic a pic) they all look gorgeous and I am sure that everybody is looking forward to seeing more.

Enjoy your time at home.


simply stunning photos K, so glad you had such a rocking time, I am looking forward to reading more. Hugs E

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