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21 September 2007



Bonjour K !!
OMG can't believe this is happening toyou ! it's a bit like when you get to the shortest queue at Coles then...when it's your turn and (of course ! you're in a hurry)...then the person before you wants a check price !! grrrrrrr !!
anyway, it's not only you !!! oh...and have a great time in France will you !!!
Bon voyage !!!


Hope you can track some stuff down - bugger about not having your size though!

Cabs and docs? Both suck LOL

Viva la France! Enjoy yourself!

Manda Lawrence

Seriously, you should move up here - then you could walk everywhere and not ever need a taxi again:) And clothes...just had the same experience - desperately needing new bras - went to purchase and then realized i am actually wearing a bigger size than i had thought and can't bring myself to go up again. Came home and had chocolate. Read you blog. Still want more chocolate. And Pizza.

Have fun in France.

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