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20 September 2007


June Morrow

Designers hate chubby people and refuse to design for them! They totally ignore the fact that Americans have grown larger. Stupid asses!!!


In my opinion they won't make anything cute and well fitting for overweight people because it would seem as if they are encouraging weight gains. They can't make anything cuter for the overweight people than what they do for the skinny people because of profits. (This is all my personal opinion.) and they can't lose money because money is what makes the world go round luvies!! It's the sad pathetic truth, but it's the honest truth.


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The article itself is not actually that bad in my estimation. What bothers me is the shrill xenophobic headline and the fact that it's always articles that shed a negative light on the U.S. that get run by the German media. I suspect that the content of the article was simply translated from a U.S. article somewhere after being selected for its propaganda value.


so im one of these skinny chicks trapped in a fat girls body and well i got tired of not finding any clothes either i hate shopping! i'm 22 and i hate the mall!!! my friends like to go but why would i go you know?? so i decided to do something about it....its my 3rd week and i lost 15 pounds already! and going for alot more!!! im so excited about loosing these first 15 pounds..but still not excited enough to go buy clothes.....i still hate upcoming parties cause weeks in advance my friends want to go shopping for the perfect dress....and mine just looks like a sack of potatoes.....but hopefully in time ill loose enough weight to feel semi-confident....i weight 249 pounds now started at 265 so hopefully when i hit 200 punds i can shop for cute clothes....or semi-cute clothes...i got tired of waiting around for designers to make cute clothes for fat people so i mineswell loose the damn weight. i think that would be quicker

Kim K.

hi! i have uber cute stuff to sell!!

QT pie

little add on. why is it that everybody says that you have to be skinny to be beautiful. she had a guy ask her out then dump her because his friends made a joke about it and he felt embarresed so without even thinking about what she goes through everyday of her life he dumps her.

QT pie

Ok, my teenage daughter is over weight. i feel so bad because the only things she can find that look remotley nice are things that her 80 year old grandmother would where. i am sick of having to watch her cry almost every time we go shopping. she hardley even likes to go anymore. Also, seeing your daughter go through that is harder than you think. i have tried to help on diets and things like that but that only makes her feel worse because then she realizes over and over again that shes not the only one who sees it.

Michelle Perry

I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! Why is it that as soon as you get to the larger sizes the colours get brighter! Why on earth would you want to wear bright coloured ugly clothing!! The outfits at chain stores are all bright and frumpy, yet if you go to a specialist store, you're spending almost $100 just for a nice top!!!

I want to wear cute clothes too!



try big city chic stores, very cute clothes that fit..........shopping is actually fun size 14 - 24.


try big city chic stores, very cute clothes that fit..........shopping is actually fun size 14 - 24.


Oooooh yeah!! I hear ya baby!! Clothes shopping with bulges totally sux!!!


but then of course you can go to the specialist "big girls stores" where you pay 3 times the price of what you can pick up the smaller sizes for
urghhh i hate clothes shopping


Well, K. I think you have found your calling. From scrapbooker to clothes designer. My mum and sister could probably put you in contact with a seamstress.


hiya gorgeous
yes that's right i'm still here LOL. Love that you are blogging again. I had to laugh at your lst lines - I was in indooroopilly the other day and found some drop dead gorgeous shoes and thought thank goodness shoe sizes aren't a problem LOL


Exactly...can not add anything more...went to this website liste din first comment and the really nice stuf ...not big size only go to size 20 and that is only some of them. Long ago I knew a dressmaker and she used to make me lovely clothes from Burda patterns and I could went material buying whenever I needed anything. Now I basically wear black and blue and black and black...feel like a widow.


Have you tried Ezibuy the Sara collection they have really nice stuff. They are online and they deliver to your front door http://www.ezibuy.com.au/Womens.htm

Sharon Manning
Sharon Manning

All I'm going to say is HERE HERE!!!!

Marie Noske

It's time we all revolt!!! So agree with you. I have felt this way for some time now but, fortunately, have found a gorgeous little boutique that's sells beautiful clothes for larger women. It's not too expensive and the ladies that run it are just gorgeous. Very honest and really sweet.


I'm hearing ya! And try being under 5ft as well! Once I commmented to my gorgeous gay friend, that there was a thin person inside just waiting to get out. And he replied, "what, just the one?"


I wish I could say "What is she talking about?" But, no, I am here CHEERING. The only thing you forgot to mention was how these nasty clothes are all made of nasty synthetic fabrics. I'm in North Queensland - why in God's name would I want to wrap myself in PLASTIC? Every time I shop for clothes it is yet another stab in the heart reminding me that I need to lose 30 kgs. It's so hard to keep your self esteem high when it gets attacked every trip to the mall.

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