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07 March 2006


Wanda E. Santiago

Hey congrats beautiful!!Wishing you the best! Hugs Wanda

Rachel Greig

Hi Kerrin!

Congrats on all your successes! LOVE that you are going to France - esp that France is even having a convention! Looks like Europe is taking on this scrapbooking storm too which is great! Have a great time! Go to the Salvador Dali museum - it's great!
Rach x


I am stiking to my new habbits !
amazing in french would be {genial}!
love the layout it is just gorgeous

Alison Shearer

Good to have a new post and a new beautiful LO from you K. You must have been 'living in interesting times' lately by the sound of your post. Lots of good things but a few not so great too. Feed on the positive and try and ignore the bad hey?! Thanks for sharing Mik's blog too - there aren't many better reads around really.




Love this one on SAM site too.
You always do lovely work.


Congratulations on going to France Kerrin, you will have an awsome time!

Your latest layout is so sweet; your daughter looks like she's wishing really hard!


Melissa H

wow - great lo, k, ella turns three on saturday (i can't believe it!!) so it's very fitting for us right now!!!

Wendle Handmade

Beautiful LO K, tfs. If my daughter was home from camp I would ask her how to say AMAZING in french for you. It's probably something like tres magnifique! :D


what a gorgeous lo kerrin. obviously you do have a habit that you don't acknowledge - inspiring others with each and every lo that you do.
have a great day



Great post K. Love the layout, noticed it in the gallery last night.
Habits, well, Im working on it.
Need to set some serious goals, that I know that I can achieve.
Oh, and BTW, thanks for the great class chat last night! You Rock!!


Hey K - I think you are amazing and very inspiring. YOu may even inspire me to set some goals and then I'll have something to stick to.

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