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30 April 2008



Bravo ... B*R*A*V*O !!!
bienvenue petit bébé ... que de belles photos déjà à scrapper !!!
kisses !


Congratulations K! I have been checking in regularly to see if your precious bundle had arrived. Can't wait to hear the birth stories, I looove birth stories!

Sue Tonga.

ngaire Bartlam

He is beautiful!

Best wishes to you all.


Well done you! what a handsome wee chappie he is. From memory he doesn't look like his brother.


Super Duper Congrats. Who cares about blogging when you have a beautiful family to surround you. Thanks for the news though :)
Looking forward to the birth story.


Congratulations! He looks adorable. No wonder you aren´t blogging ..... I´d sit and stare at him all day instead!!

Tallulah Maggs

Many Congratulations, he is so adorable, love those lil tootsie toes, awwws! Hope mum and baby are well <3


Congratulations Kerrin and cheers to the whole family !! I missed your posts on your blog but I knew it was certainly a busy time ! Last time I saw you was @ PACS 2007 announcing us in class the great news ! I am glad everything went fine and have to tell you Fionnlagh is just a "beau bébé" (in french, means gorgeous baby). I hope to see you again this year during PACS '08 to show us more pics. Take care, xoxo Edwige


soooooooooooo gorgeous
congrats to you all - i remember seeing you when gael was born and you have such a lovely gentle way with them - a beautiful aura that ratidated from you no wonder he is happy and content and the others not worried
(that sounds rather corny -but it is somethign that really struck me that first time we met)


Congratulations!!! How beautiful and precious he looks!
Well done Mum (and Dad hehe) and hope your getting lots of rest :)


congratulations !!
he is really cute !!
(and sleepy babies are a blessing !!)

Kathy Smith

Kerrin, you have another beautiful baby there! He is just gorgeous. Congrats to all the family.


Congrats to you all! He is absolutely gorgeous.

Chris M

Cluck! Cluck! Cluck! Fionnlagh is amazingly gorgeous!!! Congratulations and enjoy!!!!

Kim Archer

yay! Congrats Kerrin and Mik and kids!! Excellent news. And gorgeous photos
KIM & co

Alison Shearer

Congratulations K and Mik. He is divine. So glad to hear you are well and that Fionnlagh arrived safe and sound.

Love Alison and Rebecca XXX

Marie Noske

Congratulations Kerrin and Mik!!! He is beautiful!!!! Babies just make the world more wonderful!!!


Congratulations!!!!! Fionnlagh is just perfect. It is great to hear from you. Look forward to more stories and pics.


Congratulations to you all! He is so beautiful! And those toes are scrumptious.

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