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04 October 2006



hey i loved ur books so plz can u instruct me how 2 make it.


these felt books are so cool! can youpost the instructions? thanks.


How cute are those little gifts?! So creative.


I love your work and those little boxes are so beautiful!!!!

Ptiboutchou - Murielle de la Martinique

Hi Kerrin!
love the wonderful classes i've made with you! thank you for your beautiful bracelet. I've got the orange one.
I think of you everydays I hold him.
I love your creations...
Thank you for your teaching and hope to see you again at the next Paper And Co Show!

PS: I don't forget my promise: Je promet que je terminerai mon mini album à la maison avec beaucoup d'attention et que j'enverrai une photo à Kerrin dès que je l'aurai terminé :)


Hi Kerrin!
I have one of yours bracelets, THANK YOU!
I loved your Surprise class and you are a fantastic woman!.
I hope to meet you an other time!
from Italy

Stephanie (wanito)

Hi Kerrin,
Thank again for all !!! your a generous person. Thank too for your gifts !!!! I hope that you will come back in France again :o) See you soon !!!
Stéphanie (your helper)

Céline R

Hi K,
Thank you for a lovely class,
I really enjoyed every workshops I've never seen such creations before. You are a very artist
and see you next year in the paper and co show II!!!!



Thanks a lot Kerrin, I got your beautiful bracelet during your surprise class. I loved that class Kerrin and I love all your works. By from Italy

Sue Bone

The needle books were lovely. Thanks for a great colour chic class. We wished we'd signed up for your other classes too. :(



I did not have the chance to get place in your classes, but I really adore what my friends have done with you. It's absolutely fantastic. I want to say you that everybody in France have appreciated your classes, your generosity and enthousiasm. Thanks for them and see you next time.


Thank you for a lovely class, I really enjoyed Colour Chic and will be trying the black edging and those little white dots everywhere - they are really effective and look fab.
I love my little needle book, I will be using that to hold all my needles in my crop bag, so you will be coming cropping with me often!
I hope you enjoyed Paris,


Chrissy Berry

I'm sure you'll have the *bestest* time, wow France, that just sounds so exciting, I'm sure it's even more so now you are there!!

Those pressies are really cute Kerrin, super lucky girls who are going to get these for sure!

Chrissy xx


Hi K !
It was a pleasure for me to translate your courses and to discover your layouts. They are so beautiful. I've always loved stitching, ribbon, lace... But I've never seen such creations before. You'll change my way of scrapbooking, that's for sure. And, you were so kind with me and it was so much fun to translate your courses, I'll never forget you.
Thanks for all the presents. I'm wearing the bracelet now ;-).
I hope I'll see you next year in France, or one day in Brisbane. I'll go back there, for sure, it's a so nice country !


THANK YOU so much for your generosity and your kindness. It was a pleasure to meet you and to follow your classes at the Paper and co Show ! You are a very talented artist and a so sweet person ! I hope that you enjoyed your stay in France. Hope to see you back next year !



Thank you so much K, Miss Stick, for the gifts & the classes. It was so good and it was my best classes.
I hope you'll have a good trip for going back home. Kiss for me your children


K thank you so much for the gift! I have the pink needle book and I'm so happy!!! You are the best!!!I was in your "chic couleurs" class and I have loved it!! We have been very lucky to see you and work with you! Thank you again...and see you next year in the paper and co show II!!!!
Désolée pour mon anglais! j'ai fait de mon mieux! mais j'ai vraiment adoré la page et toutes les idées dont nous avons profité pendant l'atelier de K. Merci tout plein!!!!


I just want to say a big big MERCI for your classe and your surprise.
You're a wonderful personne.


K, I absolutely LOVED your classes, I'm gonna hang some posters of YOU in my room ;o) No just kidding, bug I wanted to thank you because your classes were great, because your little gifts were so cute and nice, and because you have us rediscover we can make pages and albums with only paper and a pair of scissors !
Thanks for al this, hope you enjoyed your scrapbook journey too !!!


I had the happiness to have a workshop(studio) of K and I thank you wholeheartedly, you are fantastic. Thank you for the little gift ;o))


Kay! thanks a lot for your gift! I adored it! and your workshop was fabulous! MERCI


Under the charm. I was likely to follow 2 workshops and I fell in love...And I adored your gifts. Thanks.. Barbara


Kay, thank you so much for doing this for us, I really appreciated what you've done!! and I adored your workshops!
thank you!
Et toi ça va !!!


wooohooooo, Kerrin...you are the best!!!!!!!

so freaking amazing....
YOU are absolutely amazing!!!!!



Wow, I love these little boxes !!! Wonderful ! And I just saw yesterday night the needle book you gave to a friend of mine ! (the one on the botton : all pink).
Great, great, great gifts !

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